What to Bring

3 warm blankets (nights are cold)(or two blankets and a sleeping bag that zips open all the way)
4 flat sheets (cot or twin)(2 for 1 week session, 3 for 2 week session)
1 pillow
3 pillow cases(1 per week)
4 jeans or long pants
5 shirts-better dark than light
5 shorts and a pair of old cut-offs for sliding down water slides
6 pairs of socks
flashlight and extra batteries
2 or 3 pairs shoes (sneakers are fine)
one pair for river and creek walking
sleeping bag (if you're buying a new one get one that can be zipped open all the way to be used as a top blanket, and one that is not too bulky)
canteen (plastic soda bottle with screw top is fine)
day pack

6 underpants
2 bath towels
2 wash clothes
2 pajamas
2 swim suits
2 sweaters or sweatshirts ( fleece, warm when wet)
raincoat or poncho
toothbrush & toothpaste
comb and brush
shampoo and soap
cup and spoon for campouts
4 stamped envelopes addressed to parents
insect repellent (non-aerosol)

flip flops
musical instruments
white shirt to tie dye
favorite cuddly animal
camera & film

ADDITIONAL FOR SENIORS (Optional for Juniors) :
Hiking boots
eating utensils
(with comfortable frame - can be rented at camp)
lightweight sleeping bag
extra fleece shirt or sweater
6 large garbage bags
6 onegallon ziplock bags
1 bandana

Old Clothing is fine for camp as long as it will last through the camp session. Camp life is especially hard on shoes. Avoid wool clothes or blankets as these items are hard to launder.
All bedding and clothing must be clearly marked. We have found that iron-on name tapes do not stay on. Old clothes are fine for camp, and colored ones better than white.
Please cooperate by not sending gum or candy, toy guns, violent comic books, or electronic devices.
* Footlockers should be less than 15 inches tall, so that they will fit under the bed.
** State health regulations prohibit the use of a sleeping bag in place of bedding and sheets for regular use at camp.
***Makeup is not appropriate for camp life and should be reserved for skits.
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